How do I make a stronger Off-Site listing?

What is an Off-Site posting?

The Off-Site classification is explicitly planned to have conferences. These spaces range from trendy homes, independent company lofts, and craftsmanship exhibitions to completely prepared scenes prepared to have 100+ participants.

What are Off-Site visitors searching for?

Visitors normally verify subtleties pertinent to their particular corporate use. Accessibility and cost are significant elements in qualifying a space, while different things drawing in customers fall under one of these subheaders:

  • Space Type + Features
  • Extra Services + Rentals
  • Comfort explicit to Production

Invest in some opportunity to fit your subtleties and construct your learning to make it more straightforward to pinpoint these components. These simple-to-find basics will feature the proficiency of working in your space and mitigate any potential blockers from a visitor sending you a request.

Accessibility + Any Specialty Pricing

Add the days and times your space is accessible over your concise depiction of the space. We suggest giving the base rental cost if above $2,500 to draw in more qualified leads, notwithstanding any adaptable estimating relative to days/hours, picked (for example workdays, end of the week rates).

Accessible 7-days per week | 6 AM-10 PM
4,000 Rental least (7-hrs)

*Premium estimating applies during the high-sway meetings and special seasons. Kindly message the host with your date and times to get a custom proposition cost during these seasons.



Are there intriguing realities about your space, the structure, or its set of experiences? Peruse erring on the “About The Space” here. A model might resemble this:

“Our warm and splendid meeting room is situated on the highest level of our famous structure, one square from San Francisco’s Union Square. Inside strolling distance of many of The City’s lodgings, and effectively available by open transportation, the previous library flaunting unbelievable perspectives is an ideal gathering place for visiting or neighborhood organizations searching for offsite meeting space.

The 1,200+ Square foot room has been repaired for our Royaleplace customers; New paint, revamped floors, lighting, windows, and new cutting-edge general media hardware. The book-lined dividers give an optimal setting to your group’s work area, and the style transports you to a prior time while remaining completely current.

Our Past Clients
We have facilitated numerous training, addresses, pledge drives, studios, and persuasive social events going from customers like Google, Autodesk, Airbnb, and some more.”

Space Features (Subheader #1)

Make an agenda giving your space type, area (ft²), any on-location staff, seating facilities and limit, A/V gear, and areas of utilization. You might find off-site references here. A model might resemble this:

Creator Loft
800 ft² meeting space
12′ High Ceilings
On location Manager
89 situated | 100 standing
All tables, seats
Projector, screen
Remote speakers + mic ($)
Library relax region

— Seating Accommodations – – –
89 performance center style seating
33 study hall-style seating
23 u-shape style seating

*Utilize the Meeting Room Calculator for a precise seating count for unhampered open areas.

Extra Services + Rentals (Subheader #2)

Assuming that you have extra gear or potential benefits you might want to propose for an extra expense, we suggest posting in this segment. Give gear records and estimating in the photography part of the posting of material. A model might resemble this:

Remote speakers + mic rentals accessible ($)
Cooking with earlier plans ($)

Accommodation (Subheader #3)

Off-Site visitors are searching for subtleties around transportation, stopping (road, carport nearby), load-in/load-out, lift access assuming not on ground level, and strolling distance to cafés. You might list these around here. *(A rundown of normal inquiries compared with gatherings is given at the base of your accommodation).

Rules Section

If it’s not too much trouble, make sure to figure out the Rules Section in your posting. A model might resemble this:

*Drinks: Preferred sellers list accessible. Permit required.
*Food: Preferred sellers list accessible.
*Outside food, as well as cooking, is permitted with earlier endorsement.

If it’s not too much trouble, coordinate with the office director for all drop-offs and pickups for the DAY OF the occasion. An extra expense might apply for any heap-in and load-out outside of the date of the booking.

*No smoking.
*No pets.
*No nails, screws, staples, tape, or gummed upheld materials might be utilized to append or join anything to the furnishings, dividers, or building.
*No sparkle or confetti of any sort is permitted nearby.
*No sparklers, Roman candles, or fire-delivering gags or results.
*No face painting, hand paints, stains, or other comparative action permitted.

Set-up and tidy-up time ought to be incorporated as a feature of your absolute rental time. If it’s not too much trouble, think about your arrangement and teardown needs for the night and calculate the time of your booking in like manner. Per Royaleplace terms, additional time charge at 1.5x

References and Inspiration

Be enlivened with live home/space/exhibition and 100+ participant’s scenes utilizing subheaders.

How would I make alters to my postings?

Assuming you really want direction on making upgrades to your off-site posting, kindly audit this bit-by-bit walkthrough and connect on the off chance that you have any inquiries.

*(The following are subtleties that might be on an off-site visitor agenda)

Space Features

  • Space Type or Design Type (Very Important)
  • Area (ft²)
  • On-location administrator (whenever given during the booking)
  • All out seating | Total standing
  • List the seating arrangements and limits (gathering, show, theater, U, and so forth)
  • List the general media parts included (for example Projector, Screen, Mic, Speakers)
  • What A/V abilities does the space have for visitors to stream or present?
  • What is the WiFi speed?
  • What regions would visitors be able to use to break out into more modest groups?
  • Is the space calm or potentially private?
  • What extraordinary elements does your space offer? (for example Uncovered block, 18′ roofs, Lavish backdrop, Local work of art)

Extra Services + Rentals

  • Are there any discretionary administrations you can give (like security, catering administrations, hardware, or A/V professionals)?


  • Ground floor or lift/step access?
  • Would you be able to have a show without outside clamor obstruction?
  • What is commotion in the encompassing region like?
  • Is there road-stopping accessible?
  • Are there parking structures nearby?
  • What is the nearest transportation from your location’s perspective?
  • Are there any eateries inside strolling distance?

Rules Section (not the same as “About The Space” area)

  • What are the day-of strategies?
  • Is there any heap-in or load-out guidelines?
  • Are there limitations on what can be brought into the space?
  • Are there limitations on which region visitors are right?
  • Are there any commotion limitations?
  • Are pets permitted?
  • Will furniture, divider craftsmanship, or gear be utilized or moved?
  • Are any extraordinary licenses or protection required?
  • Are there any extra expenses or directions on rubbish, staff, and so forth

Keep in mind, the Royaleplace strategy oversees retractions, extra time, installment handling (which denies halfway stores), and debate goal. Peruse more on Host Rules here.