How do I find the right space for my booking?

Our goal is to connect you with the space that best fits your needs. You can peruse our listings as a whole and begin your search at

You can start by choosing a(n):

  • Activity Type: You can begin typing in the activity you’re planning to view the pre-populated lists of activities to choose from.
  • Location: Type in your desired city, zip code, or neighborhood. You will have the ability to enable the map view and zoom in and out on the results map.
  • Dates/Times: If you don’t have a specific date and times for your event, you can leave the field empty.

After clicking “Search”, the listing results will populate. There are additional filters on this page to help you further narrow down your search.

  • Space Type: Near the top of the results page is an image carousel titled “What kind of space are you looking for?”. Use the “<” and “>” buttons to explore space types. You can click any of the space type options to prioritize them in your results.
  • Price: Choose from predefined price ranges or enter your own range.
  • Attendees: Choose from predefined attendee ranges or enter an exact attendee count.
  • More Filters: 
    • Keyword: Use specific keywords (ex: the showroom, tech, theater, etc.)
    • Additional Space Types: Select options not listed in the other Space Type section.
    • Instant Book: Select this option to only see listings available for Instant Booking that do not require host confirmation.
    • Features: Select specific features you are looking for in a space (ex: bathtub, cyclorama, pool, etc.)

You can see the query items from the posting perspective or guide see. The guide can be controlled to zone in on explicit regions. Clicking into each posting will permit you to see its subtleties, rules, evaluating, conveniences, and surveys.

Assuming you need to save spaces to see later or share with companions, you can make a Board.