How do I get paid for a booking?

All payouts are executed through the Royaleplace platform and are processed by our third-party payment provider, Stripe.

Payouts can be issued via Paypal, UPI & Wire Transfer. To add a Payout Method to your profile, please click here.

Host payouts will be deposited into the bank account they have on file with us via ACH transfer (Paypal, UPI & Wire Transfer) and are processed within 7 days after the end of the reservation. Payouts for additional charges and overtime submitted within 72 hours after the event’s conclusion are typically deposited into your account separately from your booking payout.

You can view your payouts from the Payout History section of your account by clicking here.

Please note: Hosts may be required to submit additional verification details when adding their bank account for payout processing. Review our Terms of Service for more information on receiving payouts.